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With over 17 years of experience, Label A boosts your business by improving existing assets, creating new solutions, and leveraging data. Our tailored services help you excel and outperform the competition every step of the way.

  • Replatform

    Specialising in bespoke SaaS solutions—Label A goes beyond standard implementations. We build what does not yet exist and integrate it seamlessly with top-tier SaaS platforms. Our extensive experience in setting up platforms, webshops, and websites enables us to select CMSs that make your organisation future-proof. Upgrade or re-platform your architecture with us and experience the power of meticulously curated technologies that transform your business.


    Modernise your tech infrastructure to meet current and future demands safely and effectively. The transition to a new platform can be complex but see it more as an opportunity to align your renewed infrastructure with your business goals. Label A mitigates these challenges by ensuring the new platform is not only more efficient but also fully integrated with your branding and customer experience.

    Custom SaaS improvements

    Tackle challenges that off-the-shelf software can't handle. At Label A, we elevate standard software to meet unique business goals, focusing on your specific needs for growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction, ensuring your technology does exactly what you need.

    Mobile screenshot
    Mockup of the Tommy Tomato platform

    Why we Replatformed Tommy Tomato: Tommy Tomato's mission to educate children on nutrition and instill lifelong vegetable-eating habits required a robust digital backbone. Their expanding influence reached 110 schools by 2023, but their outdated Ruby on Rails platform struggled to support this growth. Label A stepped in to reconstruct their digital infrastructure, ensuring it was future-proof, flexible, and capable of handling their educational and operational needs without relying on external developers. This strategic replatforming has enabled Tommy Tomato to scale efficiently, enhance service delivery to new markets, and prepare their in-house team for future developments.

    warm, healthy, veggie school lunches per month



    Web platform

    Platform for the parents

    Integration with Tommy Tomato logistics

    Other Replatform examples:

    • The logo for Tommy Tomato
    • Glimble by arriva logo

  • AI applications

    From generative to predictive AI solutions, our internal AI Studio ensures you are always one step ahead. We manage the complexities of data management and model training, allowing you to focus on what really matters—innovation without the risks of experimentation. With Label A by your side, you are not just prepared for the future; you are the future.

    AI-Driven Tools & Experiences

    Harness the power of data-driven decision-making to gain a competitive edge and personalize customer interactions. Lacking AI expertise? No problem. Our effective AI implementation boosts operational efficiency, enhances customer satisfaction, and ultimately increases revenue.

    Get AI - Ready!

    The foundation of knowledge, growth, and validation starts with a solid data strategy. We assess your current data storage, connections, and governance, identifying weaknesses and providing a roadmap to get your data systems in order.

    Why we implemented AI for KLM: To enhance KLM’s customer experience, Label A, in collaboration with ACE Ai Studio, developed 'Ask Atlas'—a pioneering AI-driven destination recommender. This platform intelligently utilizes AI to offer personalized travel suggestions, revolutionizing how KLM engages with travelers by transforming extensive data sets into bespoke, inspiring travel content.




    Fully customized travel inspiration, curated from KLM's content base

    Supports 40 countries and 12 languages

    Other AI applications examples:

    • Logo of KLM
    • WeFashion logo
    • ABN Amro logo

  • Digital tools

    From rapid prototypes to comprehensive digital ecosystems, we transform your ideas into operational realities. Whether you need an app, platform, or a complete ecosystem, our team understands how these elements interconnect and optimizes delivery times for quick and effective deployment. With Label A, you accelerate not only your time-to-market but also open avenues for significant cost savings and new market opportunities.

    Market Ready Prototypes

    Quickly capitalize on market opportunities with advanced technologies. Lacking specific skills or capacity? Our rapid prototyping turns new technologies into tangible prototypes crucial for attracting investors, gathering market feedback, and validating product-market fit—all contributing directly to growth and innovation.

    Minimal Viable Products (MVP)

    Launch reliable products quickly to seize market opportunities without lengthy development cycles. We build solid MVPs that are immediately applicable, thoroughly tested, and integrated seamlessly into your team's operations, reducing time-to-market and minimizing risks.

    Why we developed a new product for Watthub: Facing a unique challenge, Watthub needed a reservation system for the world's first large-scale charging station for electric construction equipment. With no existing solutions, Label A designed a bespoke digital tool to efficiently manage charging operations, ensuring uninterrupted construction work and paving the way for sustainable construction practices. Our tailored software not only supports Watthub's emission-free mission but also scales to meet future demands.

    Ensuring full certainty of fast charging



    Optimal use of capacity

    Other Digital tools examples:

    • Van Oord logo
    • This is the go sharing logo

Our Capabilities

Each capability emphasises a vital touch-point of your digital tools, allowing you to accelerate where it matters most!

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Strategic Innovation starts with understanding. Not only the world of your users, but also the world of your business! We use proven methodologies like the Jobs-to-be-done framework, Cone of possibilities, and our 2040 workshop to create future scenarios and help organisations navigate societal transitions while ensuring their financial sustainability.

Deliverables: 2040 vision roadmap, Validated business concepts, Service Blueprint, Customer-Experience prototypes

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