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VirtuaKey revolutionises the way you enter spaces by seamlessly integrating with HID Global technology, turning your smartphone into a powerful digital key.

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Introduction to VirtuaKey

Say goodbye to traditional keys and access cards – with VirtuaKey, unlocking doors is as simple as a tap on your phone.

With VirtuaKey, accessing your workplace has never been simpler. Just tap your smartphone to gain swift and seamless entry, eliminating the hassle of carrying physical keys or access cards.

One of VirtuaKey’s standout features is its unmatched reliability. Even when your phone’s battery is depleted, your access cards remain readily available in Apple Wallet, ensuring uninterrupted access at all times. Security is paramount with VirtuaKey. Leveraging HID Global technology, users can trust in robust encryption and authentication measures, safeguarding their access credentials against unauthorized access.

VirtuaKey is now available for download in the App Stores. Experience the future of entry with VirtuaKey today.

Virtuakey makes every door accessible

Say goodbye to traditional keys and access cards with the launch of VirtuaKey, the ultimate solution for effortless entry. By seamlessly integrating with HID Global technology, VirtuaKey empowers users to add access cards to their smartphone and Apple Wallet, transforming their devices into powerful keys.


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Seamlessly integrate with HID Global technology for effortless connectivity.

Add access cards to your smartphone and Apple Wallet for consolidated credential management.

Enjoy keyless entry for workplaces, gyms, and residential buildings with VirtuaKey.

Access remains reliable even with low battery, ensuring uninterrupted usability.

Advanced security measures protect your credentials, ensuring their safety at all times.


Experience the convenience of keyless entry with VirtuaKey. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying physical keys or access cards – simply tap your smartphone for swift and seamless access. Even when your battery is dead, VirtuaKey continues to function for several hours, ensuring uninterrupted entry. Rest assured knowing that your access credentials are securely encrypted.

VirtuaKey not only simplifies your access control experience but also promotes accessibility. With VirtuaKey, entry becomes effortless for users with physical disabilities or mobility challenges. Our intuitive interface and seamless integration with HID Global technology make VirtuaKey the ultimate solution for modern access control needs. Join the future of entry with VirtuaKey today!

“We’re excited to introduce VirtuaKey, revolutionizing door access for users worldwide” said Jeffrey Bouva, CEO of VirtuaKey. “With our innovative solution, users can enjoy the convenience of keyless entry ensuring the highest standards of security”

How it works

Starting with VirtuaKey is simple. Just download the VirtuaKey app from either the App Store or Google Play Store. Follow the straightforward on-screen instructions to add your access cards to the app. If you're using an Apple device, make sure to add your card to your Apple Wallet. Then, effortlessly tap your smartphone to gain swift and seamless entry to your desired spaces.

Ready to embrace the future of access control? Download VirtuaKey now from the App Store or Google Play Store and streamline your entry experience today!



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VirtuaKey is an unique solution build with the end-user in mind. It's unique to our market and we are happy to be working with a company like Label A on VirtuaKey

Matt Bennet, Director, Strategic Alliances at HID Global

Security and privacy

At VirtuaKey, we prioritize the security and privacy of our users. Our app employs advanced encryption, authentication, and data protection measures to safeguard your access credentials and personal information.

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Jeffrey Bouva

Account & Tech Director


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