If you aren’tusing AI,you’re missingout!

AI technologies will re-engineer every workflow within every industry within the next 24 months.

AI generated people with glowing hair

Find an AI workshop best suited for you

1. Introduction to the world of AI and how to use it

This workshop is perfect for you and your team when wanting to be introduced to the world of AI. We will inspire you with several real life cases, but also some more background on what AI is and what it can do for you. Nothing to be afraid of, let the inspiration flow!

2. Generative AI - learn how to prompt (Midjourney & ChatGPT)

Want to get your hands dirty? This is the workshop for you. In this interactive workshop we will introduce you to the masterclass prompting (how to talk to AI) and how to generate images from MidJourney. Are these terms new to you? Might want to try our introduction Workshop first! Let’s dive deep into the world of Generative AI, we will teach you a trick or 2, 3 maybe 4 to boost your AI skills.

3. Introduction to Predictive AI and what can it do for you?

Something you may have heard about but not sure what it is? In the world of AI there are a few pillars. Generative, Actionable and Predictive AI. Predictive is exactly what it says, trying to predict a future outcome based on historic data. Want to learn what this can do for you and also how you can start collecting data so you are never behind? This workshop is perfect for you!

4. Custom workshop

Sometimes you need something specific, like a brainstorm session with some AI geeks to find your perfect AI case within your company. Or maybe you need help convincing your board on how to fund your AI project and we need to look into the business case. We can help you with a broad spectrum of needs.



Workshop prices ranging from €3.500,- to €10.000,- depending on group size, duration and specifications. For a custom workshop the price is on request.


Please RSVP before the 30th of June 2024 to secure your spot. If you leave your contact details at the bottom of this page we’ll get in touch with you.

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Go ahead and request your AI workshop right now by filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page. After that we’ll get in touch with you to plan the next steps!

Label A's four types of AI workshops

Work smarter not harder - let AI work for you

Find concrete use cases and learn how to use predictive and generative AI to improve the efficiency of your business processes and generate cost-savings.

Explore practical possibilities on how to improve your customer engagement and experience with generative AI.

Show you how to generate low cost, high quality content with generative AI. 

What makes our workshops unique?

Highly effective: In a short amount of time you’ll understand the basics of AI, how to use it and how it can benefit your organisation.

Inspiring and practical: Our expert trainers have extensive experience in AI technologies and implementing them in organisations ranging from start-ups to corporates, in all types of industries. They will share their experience and practical examples during the workshop.

Personalised: Our workshops can be personalised to match your needs, desired location, team size, budget etc.

Jeffrey, Sjors and Jorn

Meet your trainers

Label A

Label A is the go-to partner to help guide you into the world of AI given our previous and current work, our AI studio and our digital savvy & passionate team.

Label A is your integrated digital partner with 17+ years in accelerating business growth through the power of digital. We create digital tools that drive real results. Label A is part of ACE, a family of leading agencies for the brands of tomorrow.

Jeffrey, Sjors, and Jorn, our experienced AI specialists, have created these workshops to share their expertise and passion for AI.

They have designed these workshops for:

The brave ones, taking the plunge and letting our experts introduce them to the world of AI.

The operational innovators, eager to incorporate AI into their workflow, enhancing innovation and efficiency in their business process.

The tech-savvy marketers, dedicated to leveraging AI for transformative storytelling and boosting customer engagement.

The business leaders, focused on accelerating business growth through the power of AI.

Request your AI workshop today!

Go ahead and request your AI workshop right now by filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page. After that we’ll get in touch with you to plan the next steps!

Get inspired by the following Label A cases powered by AI

At Label A, we harness the power of artificial intelligence to transform industries and create cutting-edge solutions. Explore the diverse applications of AI through the following projects:

1. Travel

AI-Powered Destination Recommendation Tool: Offering personalized travel suggestions and unique reasons to explore new destinations.

2. Retail - Fashion

AI-Enhanced Fashion Shoots: Revolutionizing the fashion industry with AI-driven photo shoots, enhancing creativity and efficiency.

3. Food - Catering

AI-Powered Prediction Tool: Helping to reduce food waste by accurately forecasting catering needs.

4. Automotive - Mobility

AI-Driven Service Planner: Intelligent planning and optimization of service appointments.

Label A cases

AI powered destination recommendation tool giving users unique reasons to travel.

AI powered destination recommendation tool giving users unique reasons to travel.
AI powered fashion shoot

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Business Development Director

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