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The Dutch crypto pioneer Amdax offers crypto services for serious crypto investors. Amdax distinguishes itself from other players through the development of high-quality technology, a focus on regulation and quality and personal attention to customers. To provide that attention, Amdax asked Label A to develop a distinctive, user-friendly and highly secure web platform and mobile apps. We delivered the web platform and apps for iOS and Android in 9 months. Amdax believes in a decentralized financial future. As the first Dutch crypto company with DNB registration, Amdax assists its clients in preserving and growing their wealth through crypto services. Trust is central to this proposition. In early 2022, Amdax sought a digital partner to create the Amdax app and user environment. Through the Ace group, of which Label A is a part, Amdax connected with Label A. Born05, another agency within our Ace group, was responsible for developing the new Amdax corporate identity.

The 'vault' screen in the Amdax app. It shows the user's current balance and the assets in the user's vault.
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Frictionless and familiar

Amdax wanted to transfer the personal approach to its services to the new app and mining environment. To this end, we created a persona together with Born05: someone who is interested in investing, but not tech savvy and unfamiliar with the world of crypto assets . This allowed us to remain focused on the needs and wishes of the end user.

With a test group of Amdax customers we were able to collect very targeted user feedback. By adding an extra layer of authentication for certain actions, such as transferring money, we provided the user experience with the safe and trusted 'banking feeling'.

For optimal security, we ensured that the crypto platform fully complies with the security standards of OWASP ASVS (Open Web Application Security Project). The crypto platform connects via API to Amdax's financial backend where the actual transactions take place. By looking at the exact information needs of the users, we prevented unnecessary data connections that could harm stability.

Our colleagues from Born05 renewed the entire Amdax brand, including design and style guide, which we then translated into a digital corporate identity for the components of the crypto platform.

Three screens of the Amdax app. The first one shows the user's account overview, with the total balance, and the current amounts for Vault, Managed Wealth and Staking. The second screen shows the 'Sell' screen, where you can enter how much of a currency you want to sell. The third screen shows the 'Staking' screen, wherer you can see how much you have earned.

Facts & Figures

In nine months we created a completely new web and app environment including ordering, deposits, withdrawals, portfolio management and the so-called staking, where you earn interest on your crypto assets. The new environments make complexity simple and accessible. We were able to achieve this user-friendliness thanks to extensive testing with Amdax customers.

Users give the app a five-star rating App Store and in the Google Play Store.

Multiple portfolios are possible per user. This way you can easily switch from personal entity to business entity, manage a joint account with a partner or set up child accounts.

For optimal security, we added an extra layer of authentication. Risky actions such as viewing the balance or adjusting multi-factor authentication require an extra login step. In addition to extra security, this also gives users the familiar banking feeling. At the same time, authentication has been made as frictionless as possible by using biometric login options, among other things.

Both the front and backend as well as the mobile applications have been developed fully in accordance with the OWASP standards.

The 'Vault' screen in the Amdax app. It shows your total balance and your assets in the vault.

Business critical

The new applications went live on October 31, 2022 the date Satoshi Nakamoto released the famous paper called Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, which heralded the birth of bitcoin. Amdax's new app makes its crypto services easy and accessible to the smartphone: buy, sell and stake crypto assets to earn additional fees. And where other crypto companies are often difficult to reach, you can call, email or chat with Amdax via the app.

The web application also offers a complete mining environment where users have an overview via adjustable dashboards. These business-critical channels simply have to work all the time; that is why the apps and the web platform are optimally secured, stable and provided with the highest availability.

"We make investing in digital assets personal and accessible for our clients. Label A built a crypto platform for us, allowing us to offer our services through the app and guide our customers through the world of cryptocurrencies. Our emphasis on personal attention is reflected in our user-friendly app and web environment. We look back on a great collaboration and a beautiful end product.”

Lucas Wensing, Founder and director Amdax

Strong base for the future

Scrum Master Sanne Schouten says, "The collaboration with Amdax went exceptionally smoothly. Amdax recognizes the value of agile development and understands how it works in practice. Despite the complexity involved in such a platform, we were able to quickly coordinate with the two product owners, making decisions efficiently. The joint end result is rock solid." With this, Amdax has a strong foundation to expand its market presence in the Netherlands and beyond.

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