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The onlineconfigurationtool to makeyour fleet moresustainable.

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The online configuration tool to make your fleet sustainable

Electrifleet is a new service from Nationale-Nederlanden designed to help freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) electrify their company fleets. How can they make the often complex transition to electric corporate vehicles in clear steps? For entrepreneurs, it all starts with understanding the business case and preferably quickly and easily. As a digital partner, Label A was responsible for the design and technical realization.

More and more companies are transitioning to a green fleet with electric and hybrid vehicles. However, there are many challenges involved. Firstly, the business case is often unclear: entrepreneurs are often deterred by the higher investment costs of an electric vehicle. They lack insight into the often lower costs due to subsidies, tax benefits, lower maintenance costs and energy costs. Additionally, the purchasing process is often complex due to various considerations. Nationale-Nederlanden aims to eliminate these barriers and sees it as an excellent opportunity to position itself as a thought leader, serving this target audience with additional services.

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Smooth start

Nationale-Nederlanden began exploring this issue in collaboration with the service design agency ktc. With new insights into the hurdles and challenges for entrepreneurs, the service was jointly designed. The next step was the technical realization: an online platform was needed to deliver and further optimize this service. Having had positive experiences with Label A for the realization of another digital platform called Zelf, Nationale-Nederlanden quickly chose Label A for this project.

ktc and Nationale-Nederlanden had already devised much of the business logic, allowing us to make a good start quickly. Our challenge was to digitally translate the service and ensure an optimal setup. There was a need for a certain flexibility so that Nationale-Nederlanden could configure and experiment with aspects themselves.

Technical flexibility

In this case, the desired flexibility was achieved by implementing the headless CMS solution from Contentful. Contentful's CMS is a modern and widely-used SaaS-based CMS that can easily push the same content elements to different digital channels (Web and App). This provides marketers and content editors with efficiency advantages in spreading consistent copy and content across these channels.

Compared to open-source solutions, Contentful, as a CMS platform provider, offers the additional benefit of being a proven and reliable technology partner, with a professional second-line support organization that both Contentful customers and partners can rely on when support is needed. Also, check out the 2021 Forrester Wave on Agile CMS, where Contentful holds a strong position as a 'Strong Performer.'

Furthermore, this solution is so flexible that we needed almost no back-end development for setting up and configuring the CMS. This translates into a lower investment in development hours for building the website. Contentful is a powerful CMS that can create pages based on content models; this way, Nationale-Nederlanden can manage the entire site, even the configurator with questions and answers as developed in the Electrifleet platform.

Electrifleet mockup website

Facts & figures

We started with a design sprint and a sprint 0 to determine the functional design and the product backlog. Then, we built the entire platform in four sprints with a compact team.

The platform is a progressive web app (PWA), providing the user experience of an app and the accessibility of a website.

The underlying CMS is based on the Contentful headless platform, offering various components that Nationale-Nederlanden can fill in and test themselves (such as easily adding FAQs and blogs). Google Analytics and Active Campaign were also integrated, allowing Nationale-Nederlanden to measure user behavior and adjust marketing activities accordingly.

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Personal advice

Whether electric driving is interesting primarily depends on driving behavior. Do you drive a passenger car, delivery van, or company vehicle? City traffic or highway traffic? How many kilometers do you drive per year? Users entering this data into Electrifleet receive a personal calculation about the financial feasibility of electric driving for their organization. And because Electrifleet closely collaborates with partners who can also provide electric cars, charging stations, user training, financing and insurance, Electrifleet offers an integrated solution.

In ktc's service design approach, the entire service was holistically examined with the user as the starting point. Label A complemented this with our design and development expertise, focusing on ease of use for the Electirfleet customer. How do you ensure that the tool remains user-focused? What is the interaction on the screen? How do you guide users through the questions, making the process as straightforward as possible?

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From Good to Better

Electrifleet is not a one-time tool; it aims to build a relationship. Through blogs, users are continually informed about new subsidies, legislation and possibilities. By tracking user behavior and experimenting with components, Electrifleet gains a better understanding of what works for this target audience. Nationale-Nederlanden's approach is to first test the service on a small scale, refining the product based on customer feedback. Only later does building scale and expanding the business model become interesting.

More electric cars in the Netherlands

Sooner or later, all Dutch people will be driving electrically. For the European Union, 2030 is the year when at least thirty million electric cars will be on European roads. In the Netherlands, nearly 30 major cities have announced no-emission zones. Electrifleet helps Dutch entrepreneurs get on the road immediately. With a complete overview of all possibilities, a handy calculation tool and then the actual implementation, Electrifleet ensures more electric cars on Dutch roads.

For Label A, this process presented a great challenge where we could concretely help Electrifleet take the next step in developing this digital proposition. We worked closely to realize the platform that will fulfill Electrifleet's ambitions. In early January, Electrifleet went live with a soft launch. The first weeks are dedicated to monitoring and observation, followed by making the first improvements in February. As a digital partner, Label A remains involved in continually improving the platform.

Curious whether electric driving is profitable for your company? Check it out at

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