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Quick overview

Parcel & Postal Technology International award 2021



  • logistics


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  • Prioritizes user needs.
  • Provides delivery drivers with better insights
  • Motivates through loyalty, engagement and gamification

Improving Delivery with a Loyalty Engagement App

How do you enhance your services in a positive way? DPD Netherlands approached Label A with this business case, seeking to create an engagement app that provides delivery drivers with better insights into their work and motivates them through loyalty, engagement and gamification. Understanding the drivers and their motivations was crucial for real impact on the field.

The Loyalty Engagement App that Informs and Motivates

DPD had already decided on using an app; the challenge was how to efficiently and successfully implement it. Label A won the pitch among fifteen competitors with a practical approach that prioritizes user needs. Drivers want to know how they are performing, be challenged and, above all, receive feedback from the customers they serve. This contact with customers is the most enjoyable aspect of their work. Starting with a prototype, we established the content and tested the concept with users. Five drivers and one transport coordinator provided feedback on the ideas we had developed for them, including insights into their performance, leaderboards and medals, a news feed, an e-shop for collected points and the overall concept. The gamification concepts resonated well and the idea was positively received. We also learned about significant differences between depots and how experiences at DPD greatly influence potential goals. Experienced drivers face different challenges than new ones. With DPD, we made an initial selection of features for a Proof of Concept. This app was fed with live data and tested at two depots with two teams of ten drivers each. Based on their feedback, we then built the MVP, now rolled out nationwide under the name DPDrivR.

Mockup of the DrivR app
Mockup of DPD DrivR loyalty badges icons
Hand holding the DPD DrivR app, showing the homepage

Facts & Figures

DPDrivR is natively available for iOS and Android users.

The Label A team contributed expertise in UX/UI design, user research and back-end development.

Working according to scrum was new for DPD, so we guided their product owner through the entire scrum process, ensuring planning, stakeholder management and mid-course corrections.

We developed a custom middleware layer in Python, intelligently connecting various existing DPD systems and data sources to the native app. This allows us to retrieve and display data from different sources within the app.

The frontend is created with native app development for the ultimate user experience and easy integration with hardware in the future. The back office, built in React, allows DPD to manage various goals, medals, levels and users themselves.

A valuable gauge of performance

In practice, DPDrivR serves as a valuable gauge of performance for drivers. With this insight, drivers can constructively assess how to improve their work. Besides reflection, it also provides a starting point for peer comparison and healthy competition. Medals and streaks encourage drivers to continuously improve, with a focus on stimulating intrinsic motivation through targeted feedback. For transport coordinators, the entire interaction with drivers shifts from isolated feedback to overall performance. By digitizing and automating the feedback process, it becomes more systematic and positive.

"Adjustments are necessary in every IT project. Label A's development process comes with various adjustment mechanisms to ensure that the project is delivered entirely according to schedule and budget. Label A is a professional sparring partner that innovates alongside the client, sees challenges as opportunities and prioritizes client needs. Together, we look from the perspective of the end user, creating a digital product that truly works in practice."

Jorin Aardoom , Manager Data & Innovation, DPD Netherlands
Overview of three app mockups, showing the medals, medal progress and challenges

Making Work More Enjoyable Leads to Better Performance

Customer reviews about the delivery process were a sensitive issue. Drivers received evaluations for the entire delivery process, not just their own contribution. Complaints about packages damaged in the warehouse were beyond their control, yet they were held accountable. Together with DPD, we translated this feedback into an expansion of the review system: one for the delivery and one for the driver. This way, the driver receives personal feedback, gaining more influence over the quality of their work. This makes the job more enjoyable and, consequently, better. In the long term, DPD aims to measure and reduce the perceived workload, as well as decrease the speed and work-related stress experienced by drivers.

From Netherlands to Europe

Within the constraints of well-defined logistics processes, we managed to build a loyalty engagement app that positively motivates drivers. Our agile approach resonated well with DPD as a corporate organization, leading to an intensive collaboration with a focus on creating a user-friendly and practical app. By challenging DPD on the status quo and brainstorming new approaches, we arrived at a digital product that enables DPD to achieve its current and future goals. DPDrivR was built with scalability in mind: if it works in the Netherlands, it will work across Europe.

Parcel delivery guy handing over a parcel to a customer at the doorstep

Award-Winning Innovation in the Industry

The success of the DPDrivR app received an additional boost shortly after its launch, as DPD Netherlands won the Parcel & Postal Technology International Award 2021 in the category Last Mile Delivery Innovation during the Parcel + Post Expo 2021 in Vienna. At this renowned industry event, the jury, consisting of CEOs and directors of postal and parcel services worldwide, had to make a choice from around 100 submissions. DPD competed in the Last Mile Delivery Innovation category against companies such as Rakuten Super Logistics, Paztir & Citkar.

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