RewardingPorsche driversfor what theylove most:driving.

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A loyalty program for Porsche drivers

How can you reward Porsche drivers for what they love to do most: driving! With this question in mind, we teamed up with PON Porsche Import and Achtung!/Kraftwerk to create a loyalty program that rewards Porsche drivers for driving and participating in events.

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All aspects of the app are tied to a progression system.

The app features the latest Porsche news, (exclusive) events, exciting training sessions and the most beautiful routes in Europe. All aspects of the app are tied to a progression system: by attending events and training sessions or driving kilometers, users can earn points and badges. Through this gamification approach, users can gain access to new exclusive rewards and events, contributing to the development of a true Porsche community!

In addition to the user platform, we have developed a dashboard where Porsche dealers can create and manage events. Dealers have direct contact with Porsche drivers, allowing them, for example, to invite them to events.

Ensuring the platform grows in the coming years

The Porsche24 app has been well-received by both drivers and dealers. Therefore, it is important not to stand still and to look towards the future. Together with Achtung and PPI, a roadmap has been established with goals, improvements and features. This ensures that the platform will grow and remain relevant in the coming years.

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