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Man getting in to his Greenwheels car

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Having a car without owning it; ideal! This is precisely what Greenwheels is created for. With Greenwheels, you use shared cars in your area, freeing you from worrying about tedious insurances, taxes and maintenance. To make car reservations quick and easy, Label A was asked to build a solution. And so we did!

Two phones showing the Greenwheels app
A phone and Greenwheels car. The phone is showing the Greenwheels app.

An App Focused on User Experience

We developed an app that primarily focuses on user experience. In the app, users can quickly reserve a car for short or extended periods, modify current bookings, view past and future reservations, extend their current period and coolest of all: unlock and lock the car with just one swipe.

The Dutch are not yet accustomed to car sharing, making the car-sharing process seem complex. "That's the challenge for the entire industry," says Andrew Berkhout, director of Greenwheels. "Ultimately, Greenwheels is an IT company. Everything happens digitally, without human intervention. Technology is crucial for us to meet customer needs. Therefore, our app must be as user-friendly as possible and have all the features our customers ask for. This means continuous innovation and improvement.

Registering new users now happens entirely through the app, a process that previously took days but now only takes a few minutes! Since adjusting the registration flow and simplifying vehicle reservations, Greenwheels has seen a 200% growth in customers and reservations. That's what we're here for!

Rebuild with an Eye on the Future

Since 2015, Label A has been Greenwheels' digital partner for building the app. "Together with Greenwheels, we decided to add as many new features as quickly as possible in those five years," says Floris van Lohuizen, Operations Manager Rotterdam at Label A. "Users got new features with every sprint, allowing them to provide immediate feedback. This was a conscious choice to make the app more relevant and ensure continuity for Greenwheels. The downside was that the architecture grows with it because you innovate so quickly."

In 2020, we decided to adjust the architecture through a rebuild. By using the latest standards and best practices, the application became more future-proof. Furthermore, the features were set up from a microservices perspective, making it easier to add new features and remove old ones. Moreover, development speeds up with the use of native components and the component library. All these changes have made the application significantly smaller – from 20 MB to 3 MB in storage – and much more manageable.

"Label A is a great partner to work with and we keep each other sharp."

Andrew Berkhout, Director Greenwheels
Two phones showing the Greenwheels app.

User Data for Optimization

We have entered into a continuous partnership with Greenwheels. Together, we constantly analyze user data to provide insights into functionalities users would like to see. That's how we operate.

Someone in the car using the Greenwheels app on a mobile phone.

Rotterdam Collaboration

Making cities more livable requires a superb digital product. "That's the passion we share with Label A. Customers must genuinely enjoy this app," says Berkhout. He describes the collaboration with Label A as typically Rotterdam: "Nice and practical, transparent and to the point. We deliberately chose a partner who stands beside us and wants the same. Label A is a great partner to work with and we keep each other sharp. We look forward to the future together."

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