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Huub spot in a parking garage showing the back of two shared HUUB cars

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Innovation in Shared Mobility

Using (electric) shared bikes, cargo bikes, scooters, vans and cars all in one app: it's possible with HUUB, the innovative shared mobility service by Next Urban Mobility. Label A developed and designed this next step in shared mobility for the subsidiary of PON. Particularly noteworthy: due to the project's impact, Label A is producing a documentary about the collaboration with Next Urban Mobility.

HUUB app mockup showing the logo
HUUB app mockup showing the bike reservation
Woman holding a phone showcasing the HUUB app on the login screen

From Proof of Concept to product

The mobility landscape is rapidly changing, evident in the streets with Felyx scooters, Swapfiets bikes and Greenwheels cars at every corner. Label A proudly developed the latter two, making it unsurprising that Next Urban Mobility approached us two years ago with a challenge: how can we quickly test if our concept works and go live as soon as possible?

HUUB began as Park and Bike with a single mobility hub near the Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam. Users, even those outside Amsterdam, could book both a parking spot and a bike through the app and pay for them together. No hassle with parking tickets or public transportation. The challenge was to test the product with a minimal budget. We achieved this, ultimately delivering a Minimal Viable Product within four sprints. In late 2018, the themes of Urbanization and Shared Mobility within PON further fueled the need for a concept like Park & Bike, leading to the birth of HUUB.

Overview of 3 mockup phones showing the HUUB app with the scanner, reservation detail and reservation change

A Concept Week to Clarify Everything

Firstly, with Brandcrumbs, we defined the branding for HUUB. Following that, we organized a concept week. Throughout this week, we explored what HUUB should represent and how we could connect all vehicles: it wasn't easy with Bluetooth locks from AXA and cars via Greenwheels. This concept week clarified for Next Urban Mobility the overall vision for HUUB and where the challenges would arise.

5 Design Principles

For the app interface, the design team established five Design Principles—principles not only aiding in development but also embraced organization-wide by Next Urban Mobility:

Use vehicles with just one click

Ask or display information only when relevant

One focal point per screen

HUUB rides with you, Always show available vehicles first.

We take these principles seriously. Our data team continuously analyzes app usage to ensure the principles are upheld for all users. We can also enhance the app flow and vehicle suggestions, all for the user. This Customer Experience is crucial. Read more about it in the interview with iOS developer Bennet van der Linden.

Woman standing between two shared HUUB cars at the HUUB spot location

Scan a Vehicle and It's Yours

A user has reserved a vehicle and wants to unlock it. How do they do this? In a small HUUB spot, you might display the license plate or an image of the vehicle in the app. But how do you do this at a location with 70 shared cars, like the future HUUB spot at the former Bijlmer prison? It was a significant question during the app development. Our solution: QR codes. Scan a vehicle with your phone, and it's yours. Unlocked in just one click.

And This Is Just the Beginning

HUUB and Hely have now joined forces and continue under the name Hely. Founded by NS (Dutch Railways) to make shared mobility more sustainable, enhance urban livability and offer travelers more flexibility in the first and last mile. In short: shared mobility where you need it. Label A, together with the Hely team, verified the business case and underlying customer needs through a prototype sprint.


Due to the expected impact of HUUB, Label A has created a documentary about the development and collaboration with Next Urban Mobility. You can watch the documentary here.

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