Verifying themarketpotential ofshared mobilityhubs.

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Verifying the Market Potential of Shared Mobility Hubs

From cargo bikes and e-bikes to electric cars: Hely is a hub concept where you can use various shared vehicles with a single app. Founded by NS (Dutch Railways), Hely has joined forces with HUUB, PON's shared mobility solution for which Label A has handled the branding, design and development of the entire platform. Their goal: shared mobility where you need it. But how do you add other sharing providers to the app without compromising user-friendliness? And is there actually a demand for this? Label A explored how expanding with different providers could work best for users through a prototype sprint.

Hely app mockup showing the homepage
Hely app mockup showing the hely office on a map view
Mobile phone showing the Hely app with in the background a shared car.

Prototype Sprint

Adding a shared service like Greenwheels to the Hely app involves many steps, from making agreements with Greenwheels to building and launching. To make such investments, validating the business case and underlying customer needs is crucial. A prototype sprint is the perfect way to achieve this.

A prototype sprint begins with gathering the client's briefing and defining the sprint's goal. In Hely's case, the research question was: "How do you logically and intuitively add external providers to the current Hely app for users?" The app shouldn't become cluttered with changing buttons but should work consistently even with various sharing providers.

Once the briefing is clear, we move on to the next step: visualizing ideas. In a prototype sprint, there's room to develop various ideas and make iterations. In the first version, we rely on our expertise and client input. Once our designers and the client are satisfied with the first version, real validation can begin.

Prototype Testing

A user test starts with an interview to understand the user's background, motivations and mobility needs. Users then try a clickable prototype with various scenarios, guided by the Label A team. This requires specialized expertise as user responses are context-sensitive. For example, asking if someone would consider a Greenwheels car 500 meters away might yield a different answer than asking if a shared car on Christiaan Huygensstraat is close enough.

Overview of 3 mockups showing the hely app, filtering, starting a ride and ride detail page

Feiten & Cijfers

Two-week prototyping sprint with a team of five experts in User Experience design, User Interface design and User research.

Users were interviewed first and then tested with a clickable prototype.

Tools used: Miro for documenting the customer journey, use cases and user feedback; Figma for creating the clickable prototype.

The research provided valuable feedback on design and interface.

"Testing with users is essential for developing a good digital product that also aligns with your users. After all, you can't know everything in advance. The collaboration with Label A is very pleasant. They bring a wealth of experience in the mobility sector and understand how to approach complex issues like this. Thanks to their research, we now know exactly what our users expect and how we can build the app better."

Annemieke Mol, Head of Product & Marketing
Woman on a shared cargo bike with a kid in the front seat, standing next to a man leaning next to shared car

Business Case Validation

An essential outcome of Label A's work was the validation of the business case. The Label A team focused on the most critical components, in this case, filtering vehicles and distinguishing between Hely and external vehicles. Based on the results of this prototype sprint, Hely's developers are now integrating the first external provider. Soon, users will be able to book a Greenwheels shared vehicle in the Hely app. Thanks to user tests, they know exactly how to make this vehicle quickly, efficiently and user-friendly bookable in the app.

Echte Gedeelde Mobiliteit

Hely's developers are now building on Label A's user research. Soon, users will be able to book a Greenwheels shared vehicle in the user-friendly Hely app - quickly and efficiently.

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