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FIGO Mobility: A Shared Network of Lease Cars

Startup FIGO Mobility offers companies Mobility as a Service, enabling the sharing of their fleet. FIGO makes it possible for employers to provide mobility to employees, allowing them to enjoy the benefits without the burdens. Label A built the digital platform for FIGO in ten weeks to quickly launch and validate the proposition in the market.

FIGO-founder Joost Pompe was surprised that he couldn't share his business lease car. He sought a leasing company and insurer to bring his envisioned concept to life. Thus, he founded FIGO: a startup focused on the business market with a practical emphasis on the use of mobility rather than 'owning' a leased car. By sharing lease cars, they are used less frequently and companies can save significant costs on their fleet. Lease drivers can reduce their monthly expenses or drive a more expensive model. Through the FIGO app, employees will soon be able to rent a vehicle from at least fifteen different shared services. Label A, as a mobility specialist, joined to realize the digital platform from brand to app.

Figo app mockup
Figo app icon mockup
Screencapture of the figo app next to a shared car

Mobility as a Service

Car sharing is about being mobile, not owning. Lease cars are therefore ideal for sharing, but sharing raises new challenges regarding fuel, insurance and availability. This requires a smart ecosystem that accurately records car usage and is widely applicable. The Label A team developed the software, ensuring the FIGO app optimally connects with cars and the APIs of other shared services. Lean, mean and fully developed with the mobility user in mind. The brand, UX and UI were also designed with this in mind.

Facts & Figures

React Native app combining various shared services like MyWheels.

The entire platform set up in five sprints of two weeks with a team of five to eight specialists for branding, frontend, backend, UI and UX.

Even in a parking garage without an internet connection, you can still open and close the shared car with your FIGO app. Our partner Vecore delved into telemetry and optimized the Bluetooth connection.

Distinguishing between business and private trips has various implications. We prevent dependencies by clearly defining roles and permissions in advance.

Controlled Growth

Throughout the construction process, users were involved in testing and fine-tuning the UX and UI. Our team conducted technical validation by testing with a shared car in our parking lot for eight weeks. After ten weeks, the FIGO app was ready as a proof of concept, enabling a rapid rollout and validation of the proposition: How quickly will the intended adoption of the concept occur? Is the added value widely embraced by companies and employees? Is usage growing? The next step is to establish an MVP, allowing scalability for the envisioned accelerated growth.

"The mindset and agile approach of Label A fit very well with how we wanted to set up FIGO as a company. Because Label A acted as our own branding, design and development team, we had everything at our disposal to start quickly!"

Joost Pompe, CEO FIGO Mobility
Someone in the cas using the FIGO app on his mobile.

Swift Adaptation in the Mobility World

With the rise of more electric, shared and self-driving cars, car sharing will receive a significant boost, both privately and professionally. FIGO's potential is enormous and Label A is closely involved in realizing it. We not only helped set up an entire mobility proposition in no time but also had our lead developer, Maikel van den Boogerd, act as an interim CTO to guide the development. This helps shape the entire proposition and puts FIGO on the fast track to success.

Curious about what FIGO can mean for your employees' mobility? Visit the FIGO website.

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