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Boostingconversionrates with arevamped GOSharing app

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A man sitting on a parked GO Sharing scooter. He is looking back to a woman standing behind the scooter. Both are holding a GO Sharing helmet.

Quick overview

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  • mobility


  • Back-end Development
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  • Mobile Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Strategy


  • Optimal user experience
  • Becoming future proof with a flexible fundament
  • Seamless integration existing landscape

Ready to scale

Label A empowers GO Sharing's expansion by crafting a state-of-the-art native app, enhancing user engagement across 56 European cities with seamless e-scooters, e-bikes and EV experiences. Our focus on scalable solutions and conversion through research backed UX/UI design positions us as the ideal partner to help them become a leader in the larger mobility transition towards sustainability.

As a large, European provider of electric shared mobility, GO Sharing is growing rapidly. More than two million users have already driven an e-scooter, e-bike, or an electric car via GO Sharing. The app that made the initial growth of GO Sharing possible was a white label solution. This type of solution offers the advantage of a fast-go-to-market by being quickly deployable. Go sharing found that stability became a bottleneck at a certain point during the significant growth of the organization and subsequently, the growth of the user base. To continue offering its customers the required and optimal user experience, GO Sharing needed a new app that could handle scale. In addition, GO Sharing was also looking for the freedom to add its own features and continuously increase conversion rates.

A screen of the GO Sharing app. It shows a map with the location of the selected scooter and the option to reserve it.
A mobile phone being held that shows the GO Sharing app. The screen shows a successful reservation and indicates that there are 9:27 minutes left to start the ride.

High velocity

After a thorough European-wide selection, Go Sharing chose Label A due to our relentless focus on the perfect customer experience, our high velocity whilst managing a multidisciplinary team and our technical know-how to develop complex ecosystems that seamlessly integrate within the existing landscape on the client side.

With clients such as MKB Brandstof, Check and Swapfiets and Greenwheels Label A has a proven track record in the mobility market; for GO Sharing, this was an important argument in selecting the right partner.

Three different screens of the GO Sharing app. The first one shows a map with the locations of all nearby vehicles. The second one shows the camera screen where you can take a picture of the vehicle. The instructions say to park the vehicle on the public road at the designated parking area and to have the licence plate in view. The third screen shows the screen after the ride is finished. It shows the route you have taken, the distance, the cost, the CO2 emmissions and more details.

A customer experience that actually converts

We all know how seamlessly an electric scooter can glide through traffic. The app with which you find and book an electric vehicle should offer the same pleasant experience to seamlessly fit your entire journey. After all, there are many other shared vehicles from other providers nearby. At Label A we made sure to invite end-users to help shape the overall experience by clearly identifying their jobs-to-be-done and creating a list of design principles. We found that particularly, a well-thought-out onboarding flow is essential. Therefore we found the sweet spot between getting people on a scooter whilst getting all the required information from them to oblige to all the required steps. By using the design principles throughout the entire development process we ensured that all developed features would meet the required user experience and would add value to the entire Go Sharing proposition.

A man on a parked GO Sharing scooter. He is looking at his mobile phone.

Facts & Figures

Our team of six specialists in the fields of UX/UI design and iOS and Android development realized the native app in 14 sprints.

The GO Sharing app is built as a Native app for iOS and Android using the Swift- and Kotlin framework.

The renewed app is faster, more stable and offers a frictionless map experience through efficient use of Mapbox. This makes zooming in and out on the map instantaneous and the navigation is immediately clear.

From registration, onboarding to reservation, renting and returning: all processes are clearer, more personal and faster. Unnecessary steps have been shortened and, where necessary, it is immediately explained why certain information is required.

With GO Business, corporate customers are now also served. Employees can easily rent an electric vehicle for business purposes making waves in a new era of business mobility.

A mobile phone being held  that shows the camera screen where you can take a picture of the vehicle. The instructions say to park the vehicle on the public road at the designated parking area and to have the licence plate in view.

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Rogier Stroband

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