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A person's hand holds a mobile phone that shows the initial set-up screen for the EVBox app. The instructions describe two steps. First, you will link your charging station to your device via Bluetooth Second, you will connect your charging station to wifi so you can start using it.

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Electric driving is booming. To facilitate the widespread transition to electric vehicles by individuals, employers, and other stakeholders, a large number of charging stations are required for both home and on-the-go charging. EVBox is responsible for this infrastructure, and with Label A as their digital partner, EVBox can swiftly install these charging stations!

The initial set-up screen for the EVBox app. The instructions describe two steps. First, you will link your charging station to your device via Bluetooth Second, you will connect your charging station to wifi so you can start using it.
A mobile phone being held that shows a screen of the EVBox app. The screen says: "Scan the RFID-code of yuor charging card."

EVBox App for Android and iOS

Since 2010, EVBox has been making significant strides. Under its own brand and as a white-label provider for multiple European automakers, EVBox has become a global supplier of charging stations for electric vehicles. The charging stations themselves are crucial to the success of EVBox. They need to be quickly and easily configurable, while also being easily adaptable in the future. This posed a typical UX question, which Label A has been addressing since 2019 by developing applications. In 2021, it was announced that a new generation of charging stations would hit the market. Label A was tasked with building a new EVBox Install App for Android and iOS. While the current platforms EVBox Elvi and BusinessLine connect via Bluetooth, the new platform supports Wi-Fi. The complexity of this new technology not only affected the app's development process but also its design and interaction. As a result, the development of the EVBox Install App became a close collaboration between Label A for the technical aspects and EVBox for the design.

"Label A was a professional partner during the development of the EVBox Install App. The team worked with a clear purpose and provided regular updates on progress and challenges."

Rombout Heesterman, Lead Product Manager

Minimum Viable Product

Mocking Charging Stations with Raspberry Pi The target users of the EVBox Install App are typically installers who need to configure the product in various situations. The app features large, clear buttons with interactive color changes to indicate the actions being performed. The new method of connecting to the charging station altered the required steps and, consequently, the app's design. However, implementing the underlying technology proved to be more challenging than expected.

Due to global supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic, it took longer for us to get our hands on prototypes. As a result, we had to temporarily 'mock' the charging stations: we installed custom firmware on a Raspberry Pi and simulated the new charging stations so that we could continue developing the technology. Our focus was on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product): what does the initial release need at a minimum for internal testing? Safety was a top priority, including setting the maximum number of amperes to prevent tripping the circuit breakers when charging a vehicle.

Facts & Figures

The project started in 2021 and went live in 2022.

The Label A team consisted of an iOS developer, an Android developer and a Scrum Master. We closely collaborated with EVBox's product owner, a firmware software developer and a UX designer.

The temporary absence of hardware was addressed by simulating the charging station using custom firmware and a Raspberry Pi.

The EVBox Install App connects to the charging station via Wi-Fi and is available for Android and iOS.

User testing

The collaboration between Label A and EVBox was exceptionally smooth. While Label A handled the technical aspects, EVBox provided use cases and designs. As developers with extensive experience in this domain, we also contributed to design-related questions to ensure a seamless integration with the underlying technology. At the end of each sprint, EVBox conducted user testing.

Rapid Market Entry

The first product of the new generation, EVBox Livo, has been on the market since 2022. By measuring user behavior through analytics, it became clear how users interacted with the app and where they encountered difficulties. This information led to a final round of iterations, after which EVBox took over internal management.

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