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World's first bicycle subscription

We Dutch love cycling. However, bicycles often break down. The solution: Swapfiets, the world's first bicycle subscription. If your Swapfiets breaks down, Swapfiets will come to you within 1 day to repair it or swap it for a working one. Swapfiets was in the transition from a startup to a scale-up when they approached us. They asked us to design and build an app to provide their growing number of users with a single digital platform for all their Swapfiets-related matters.

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Someone on a mobile phone using the Swapfiets app to order repaired parts.

Amazing service made simple

Amazing service made simple is what Swapfiets stands for. Moreover, as a Delft-based company, they couldn't stay still and the app had to be scalable for expansion into international markets. In the end, we built an app where users can request a swap with just a few clicks, pin the location of their Swapfiets and display the nearest Swap store. Everything you need, bundled in one app.Swapfiets is growing rapidly and the app is now available in 9 countries. With the help of the app, Swapfiets' customer service has enough time to focus on the customers.

Swapfiets mockup apps

"They share the same passion for going the extra mile, which makes our mobile app truly epic!"

Jelle Kaat, Digital Manager
Man holding phone next to swapfiets, looking for a repair

Version 2.0 with a new look

In 2021, Swapfiets was ready for a new look and feel. A fresh, more mature branding. To ensure that the app aligned with the new marketing materials and website, we transformed the app into version 2.0. We not only considered the proper application of the brand on the User Interface but also incorporated new functionalities and UX improvements based on data and user feedback.

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